About Emerald Bridge
“Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge.” ~Stephen Levine

“The heart is the portal to all possibilities…” ~Tania Marie

In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or "Anahata," in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic "bridge" between the lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power.

This journey of the heart became the inspiration behind creating a compassionately conscious business that would reflect and embody the Divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra and its integrative synergy. And so, Emerald Bridge was born - a merging of body and spirit through the heart with visionary healing arts services that are helping to spread unconditional love across the globe.

Tania hopes for Emerald Bridge to also inspire today's visionaries of the world. She believes in the importance of cultivating personal expressions of creative passion and actively manifesting visions into reality. Tania encourages you to take courageous steps in following your heart's joy, and to shift into new realities of experience.

Tania’s vision for Emerald Bridge is to be an evolving entity of integrity that continues to expand in heart-full ways with intention towards empowering and enlivening experiences. This melding of visionary creativity, compassion, healing, and heart is a way in which Tania hopes to inspire a return to natural harmony within and without and to help cultivate authentic self-expression, bring people together in joyful co-creation, and support a remembrance and embrace of your own Divinity.

The future of Emerald Bridge is continually evolving to encompass new services, creations, offerings and events. To co-create, support, or share ideas for collaborative projects, please contact Tania Marie.

If you’d like to support Emerald Bridge in developing these new,
creatively compassionate ventures, any offerings are received
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